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How to get the right set of Marketing metrics ?



Being a marketer, you already are aware of all the data available to you and the plethora of metrics you currently track. Probably, the biggest challenge you face is getting to which of these metrics matter. Focussing on the ‘right set’ of metrics is pivotal to not getting lost in the data deluge so that you have the clarity to tell your story to the management. A key component to marketing success has become the ability to credibly demonstrate the impact of marketing initiatives on key financial outcomes, such as incremental sales, customers, and margin. Possibly, every marketer finds herself/himself spending sleepless nights, juggling multiple priorities, wondering how to show the money.  

So, how do we figure out, the head and tail of what to measure and what not to? How to identify the perfect set of metrics that are able to drive decisions? How to crack that magic equation that will demonstrate business value and convince the CEO of the impact that every dollar spent on marketing. Wouldn’t it be great to find a method – a guided, step by step, logical approach - to walk you through the process of identifying these ‘right metrics’ best suited for your organization?

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